Unwelcome Visitant

Visual Artist Camila Galaz with Curator Sabrina Baker, present Unwelcome Visitant, a new video and text-based artwork supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

An auto-fictional diary of April 2020, Unwelcome Visitant explores what it means to read The Plague by Albert Camus during an actual pandemic. As these events unfold the work becomes a meditation on the importance of art, collaboration and connection. Accessible online, Unwelcome Visitant includes a 17-minute video, digital print (available for download), and semi-fictional correspondence text between artist and curator.

Interweaving multiple narratives and time periods, and largely constructed from layered references to Camus’ multidimensional text, Unwelcome Visitant conjures a sense of collective solidarity for the present day.

Event starts
Monday 7 September, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 31 December, 2020
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