AAADA Antiques & Art Fair - Sydney: Angus Fisher, Fairlie Kingston and Pam Tippett

Australian Galleries is thrilled to announce its inaugural exhibition at the AAADA Antiques & Art Fair - Sydney, where we will showcase a collection of new selected works by three renowned Australian artists: Angus Fisher, Fairlie Kingston and Pam Tippett. Each of these artists are highly accomplished and devoted to their medium of choice, depicting different subjects and scenes that offer unique perspectives on the relationship between people, objects and nature.

Inspired by early encyclopaedic natural history drawings, Angus Fisher is a highly skilled and talented young printmaker who documents the natural world and its many unique creatures. A modern day naturalist in his own right, Fisher works primarily in pen, ink and copper plate etching to create beautiful and meticulous hand-coloured works on paper that are inspired by his observations of Australia and its diverse flora and fauna.

Well-loved and celebrated Sydney artist Fairlie Kingston has been documenting the bays and coves of the Eastern Suburbs for over 30 years. Working as a ceramist, Kingston uses clay to create glazed textured tiles and illuminated sculptures of iconic lighthouses and landscapes from around Sydney. Through her distinct and engaging visual style, Kingston’s colourful works evoke a sense of nostalgia and belonging, as each scene captures a strong and meaningful connection to life on the coast.

Pam Tippett is a master of still life and portrait painting. Having a deep appreciation for objects and the meanings that are ascribed to them, Tippett depicts everyday objects in simple, yet profound compositions. Capturing her subject matter with incredible intricacy and detail, her realist paintings of vessels and fruit challenge the audience’s perception, as she creates radiant and smooth surfaces without any visible brushstrokes.

The Australian Galleries stall is current at the AAADA Antiques & Art Fair - Sydney from Thursday 22 August until Sunday 25 August 2019.

Event starts
Thursday 22 August, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 25 August, 2019
Stall 9, White Bay Cruise Terminal
Venue Address
2041 James Craig Road, Rozelle

Sydney, ,

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