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Loribelle Spirovski: Memory Palace

MAY SPACE is delighted to present a new exhibition of paintings by Loribelle Spirovski.

When I try to imagine my childhood in the Philippines, the images I have are coloured by the mythmaking of childhood. The scale of things become warped, the palette more deeply saturated by humidity and the smell of exhaust. To paint it exactly as it was, would do no one any good, least of all myself. I, more than anyone, look back to those first eight years with a kind of fascination, as though observing a doll's house whose original figurines have become misplaced and replaced with found objects.

So, when I happened upon a book in my early 20's, examining memory aids and ways to memorise, I became fascinated with the idea of a structure for housing memories - a notion which I first came upon in Arthur Conan Doyle's conception of a 'brain-attic'. This 'memory palace' is therefore a means by which to keep and organise the past; a way for me to reflect upon personal history in a way that seeks not accuracy nor solace for pain and regret, but rather, to behold these elusive treasures in a language of my own.

Borrowing from the imagery of Xavier Corbero's labyrinthine home in Barcelona as well as found photographs, this piece and subsequent series launches off from my initial fascination with the work of Francis Bacon to create a place that is at once deeply personal and collective.

Loribelle Spirovski, 2020


MAY SPACE has a capacity of 45 people, and we have an active COVID Safety plan for the Gallery. Individuals and small groups under five persons are welcome, larger groups are encouraged to book ahead with the Gallery at or by phone 02 9318 1122.

Event starts
Wednesday 2 September, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 19 September, 2020
Venue Address
409b George Street Waterloo NSW 2017

New South Wales , Waterloo

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