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The Chronicles of Sandwichbag Dad!

This dad’s morning ritual of drawing on his 3 daughter’s lunch-bags has been the highlight of the school day for teachers and students at his local school for 8 years (and counting). Recently, via Instagram, this quirky tradition has also been found to be entertaining 1,000’s of families across the world and now form the foundation of this fun, pun-filled exhibition.

Dave Blumenthal, aka The Sandwich-bag dad, and his family will join us at the official opening night on Friday 16 April 2021 as well as hosting two workshops for all ages on Saturday 17th April. Bookings for workshops and the opening night are essential, phone the gallery to book and pay.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Dad Joke Chronicles of… Sandwich-Bag Dad!


Event starts
Thursday 10 June, 2021
Event ends
Sunday 13 June, 2021
National Cartoon Gallery
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1 John Champion Way

New South Wales , Coffs Harbour

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