Tim Storrier: Equine Impedimenta - Tully’s Baggage

Australian Galleries is thrilled to present a new series of work by eminent Australian artist Tim Storrier at Sydney Contemporary 2019.

Equine Impedimenta - Tully’s Baggage showcases a new collection of Storrier’s compelling and masterfully rendered sculptures, paintings and exquisite pencil drawings. The series is the culmination of a key trilogy of works within Storrier’s oeuvre starting with the Archibald Prize winning The Histrionic Wayfarer and continuing with his masterful series of Impedimenta paintings and sculptures.

Storrier grew up on an outback station, a world without television, chain saws or trail bikes, where the stock work was done on horseback.

His companion and, in his words, “the guide in my dreams” was a spirited horse named Taffy.

“A few years ago I came across a small drawing by John Sell Cotman, probably done between 1800 and 1830, of an alert slightly mythical pony loaded with equipment used by an artist as Cotman was. Palette, easel, canvases, brushes and paper portfolio. I remembered the drawing after I had completed a group of work loosely called Impedimenta – a walking figure whose progress is impeded by the weight of a ludicrous amount of baggage. I saw no reason why a metaphor concerning the travails of living could not apply to a noble animal like a horse – an animal that I was nostalgically connected to. Their partnership with us is ancient although not without coercion but a wonderfully productive relationship nonetheless.

The image of a sorely loaded exhausted horse is tragically familiar to a lot of people. I started looking about for an older mount with a tired demeanour but I had no luck in my district as all the horses were equestrian poseurs. I asked Gai Waterhouse if she could help. Immediately she introduced me to Tully, a sixteen year old gelding; an old grey horse, she stables with her volatile runners to keep them calm. It is an old practice – the calming effect of a grey horse on other ones.

As within the Impedimenta series the metaphorical load is similar; packs, bags, boxes, easels, paint, water bag, canvas covers, blankets, food, canteens, cups, bottles and clothes make up the imaginary burden.” - Tim Storrier, Bowral, August 2019

Equine Impedimenta - Tully’s Baggage is current at Sydney Contemporary from Wednesday 11 September until Sunday 15 September 2019.

Event starts
Wednesday 11 September, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 15 September, 2019
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245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh

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