Todd Robinson: Gentle Resistance

Gentle resistance, Todd Robinson’s third solo exhibition at Galerie pompom, is comprised of a new series of sculptural work. The sculptures reference lengths of polyurethane foam the artist arranged in his studio and braced in position. These served as models for the sculptures which were initially cast then sculpted. Reminiscent of figurative sculpture (some suggest seated or prone figures, while others yoga poses), to semi-abstract, kinky formations of synthetic origin, the sculptures are coloured with a palette and subtle metallic finish originating in the coding system used to indicate the density of foam. Central to the work are small skin like creases and displacements in volume, when the foam is shaped and folded into a position. The artist states, ‘I was interested in exploring how something inorganic and synthetic was actually quite lively and active, and took on human characteristics and behaviour.’

Todd Robinson works primarily in sculpture using the creation and manipulation of physical objects and materials into tactile forms that possess an ambiguous or fictive materiality. These forms are often characterised by the reciprocal displacement of one material and its associated behaviour with another material or object. This enables the artist to develop ambiguous objects that make a direct appeal to the embodied, visceral senses of audiences. These strategies are present in the Oooh series, featuring heavy balloons that slump over architectural and other design based elements, both real and fictional including street lights, see-saws and swings; and The Wringing Core series (2017), where the artist digitally milled a series of vertical wooden posts that appear to collapse under their own weight. 

Event starts
Wednesday 27 November, 2019
Event ends
Sunday 15 December, 2019
Galerie Pompom
Venue Address
27-39 Abercrombie Street

New South Wales , Chippendale