Pia Larsen

up in the air

'up in the air'

Solo exhibition by Pia Larsen

9 - 18 May 2019
Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 1 - 6pm

A mass of metal hangs suspended above a concrete floor, the form comprised of thin horizontal stainless rod interwoven with others bent into circles, ovals and hooks. Shadows cast by the lines and shapes have been recorded on the surrounding walls in charcoal. Manipulating stainless steel as if it were a drawn line confounds the perception of it as unyielding whilst also utilising the strength of stainless and its aesthetic qualities.The work took form in response to the site, as a drawing in space. I generated shadows from the work onto the surrounding walls, a selection rendered in charcoal for the duration of the show. 

Instagram: pia_larsen___

Event starts
Thursday 9 May, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 18 May, 2019
Venue Address
49 Shepherd Street Marrickville


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