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Shifting Currents I J9 Stanton

In 2018 over a 5 day and night period I watched my mother struggle for breath, holding her hand, as she took a peaceful journey to the other side of existence. Her last minutes where breath seemed to gently diminish until it had ceased was a profound experience for me. After breath, we are no longer.

“Shifting Currents” is an attempt to come to terms with the knowledge of our doom filled trajectory. It is referring to the affects of climate change on warming our oceans, threatening not only our fish but more importantly our phytoplankton. Though microscopic they are responsible for over 50 % of the air we breath. As the oceans warm, currents are mixing and shifting more than ever before, taking the photosynthesising phytoplankton to cooler waters. Just as pneumonia deprived my mother of oxygen, I worry we will be damaging the lungs of the earth to the point of no return.

This body of work is a spiritual response to loss of breath and the moments between life and death, where the physical becomes spirit. It is a call for us to notice what can’t really be seen but is nevertheless integral to all creatures of this earth.”

Event starts
Thursday 15 April, 2021
Event ends
Saturday 24 April, 2021
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8 Gap Rd

Northern Territory , Alice Springs

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