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Face It! Sculpt and Sip Classes - Emotions, Expressions, Drawing and Clay

Face It! Emotions, Expressions, Drawing and Clay

In this two-part workshop, I combine my unique expertise and experience in universal expressions and sculpture. I’ll share the fascinating secrets of our core emotions (happiness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust and sadness) and the distinct facial expressions which accompany them. 

Be prepared to try mimicking the muscle movements of expressions–this usually comes with giggles! Then express your creativity and hone your artistic skills, exploring the universal expressions of emotion through drawing and clay.

You’ll walk away with:

  • a fresh understanding of emotion
  • the ability to read true emotion in the people you interact with
  • a series of experimental drawings
  • a face sculpted from clay

No prior experience necessary, all abilities welcome. 

Materials and equipment are provided and included in the cost.

*Clay work produced will not be fired to keep sessions affordable. 


$100 (for two-part workshop series)


Doors open at 6:30 for a 6:45 start. Sessions run for approximately three hours.

*IMPORTANT, Dates shown on ArtsHub are for the first session of each two-part series. See below for full details of dates.

Series Dates

9 and 16 November


Includes a talk about emotion, universal expressions and microexpressions, followed by an experimental drawing session–portraits. 

As well as being a lot of fun, experimental drawing reduces drawing inhibitions, making you feel less precious about the drawing itself so that you can relax and enjoy the process. It quickly improves observational skills and drawing automatically improves. It’s a great way to introduce anyone to drawing and a good warm-up activity for artists. 


In session two, we’ll use the full session to sculpt an expression of your choice using clay.


A practising artist and arts educator for fifteen years in the UK, Sophie has led hundreds of art projects for children as well as running training sessions for teachers working with children. Her artwork has been exhibited in a range of art galleries, with one series of sculpture housed in a permanent collection at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Through her workshops and classes, Sophie aims to inspire creativity, sparking imagination, curiosity and awe, while at the same time teaching practical art techniques, processes and knowledge.

Sophie also works in the world of nonverbal communication, her second life-long passion. Occasionally she teaches combined nonverbal communication and art workshops. You can read more on our sister website My Alcomy.

Event starts
Monday 9 November, 2020
Event ends
Monday 16 November, 2020
Midland Junction Arts Centre
Venue Address
276 Great Eastern Highway Midland WA 6056

Perth , Midland

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