Andrea Huelin: Everyday

Andrea Huelin is a highly regarded Cairns-based artist whose still-life paintings capture, with an incisive clarity and attention to detail, everyday objects that surround us in our daily lives.

For this solo exhibition at the Cairns Art Gallery, Huelin has experimented with new techniques and has moved beyond portrayals of objects to capturing people at work and leisure.

Through her art, Huelin aims to communicate fleeting moments of ordinary life, which is a recurring theme in her work.

Huelin explains that she began working on this series of new works by describing the boxy shapes and fluoro colours of people in their work uniforms and then went on to seek inspiration from other familiar sights in and around the streets of Cairns.

“I am approaching painting the figures in a similar way to my still life paintings – abbreviating details yet aiming for a satisfying sharpness and sparkle.

“Of course, with people comes the challenge of communicating human attitudes, energy and movement, with which I aim to convey simple narratives like teamwork, concentration, boredom, waiting, feeling hot, tired or conspicuous,” says Huelin.

Huelin’s new body of works in her exhibition at the Gallery demonstrate the artist’s powerful skill of observation, and her deep affection for the modest and familiar things of everyday life.

Exhibition opening with Emma Fowler-Thomason, Partnerships Manager, Arts Queensland Friday 18 January at 5.30pm

Event starts
Friday 18 January, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 3 March, 2019
Cairns Art Gallery
Venue Address
Cnr Abbott & Shield Street

Queensland, Cairns