The Ferryman’s Hut

Black Colour White

Come and see the world anew at Brisbane Portrait Prize artist, Christopher Inwood’s new interactive exhibition Black Colour White.

Opening at The Ferryman’s Hut in Teneriffe Friday 23 October, Inwood’s multi-faceted exhibition blends exquisite portraiture with experiential lighting which throws the audience into a sensory deprivation tank that will shock and delight.

Featuring the artist’s signature contemporary realism, this highly engaging exhibition is a breathtaking combination of portrait and playful illusion, that shift and change before your very eyes.

Step inside the artists mind and experience the thrill of disbelief as things that you thought were black and white, bloom in riotous colour before your very eyes.

Black Colour White comes to The Ferryman’s hut Friday 23 October­-Sunday 01 November 2020.

Event starts
Friday 23 October, 2020
Event ends
Sunday 1 November, 2020
The Ferryman’s Hut
Venue Address
29 Macquarie St, Teneriffe

Brisbane ,