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Artist & Arts Worker Professional Development Consultations: Dr Campbell Gray

Discuss your career or practice one-on-one with a respected arts industry professional. Dr Campbell Gray is currently the Director of the University of Queensland Art Museum. He can provide career advice for artists and arts workers, those intending to develop a career in museums and galleries, or those planning to work in academia alongside an artistic career. 

Use these 45 minute sessions to discuss matters most relevant to you.

Topics of discussion may include: 

– Mapping your career goals, strategies and direction
– Discussing project or exhibition ideas
– Gaining feedback on your portfolio 

 Participants to Bring: 

– Questions, CVs or resumes, resources, artwork, portfolios or other items to discuss during your consultation. 

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Event starts
Friday 25 June, 2021
Event ends
Friday 25 June, 2021
Mulga Lands Art Gallery
Venue Address
94 Alfred St, Charleville QLD 4470

Queensland , Charleville

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