'Au bout de' by Tetiana Maier and Marie Stohldreier

Blankpagegallery.comAu bout de... - abstract art exhibition

Showing on the 8-13th January

"Au bout de..." is translated from French as "At the bottom of...". The motto deliberately leaves a lot room for interpretation. Our art is a abstract means to get to the bottom of each indvidual emotional trigger. We believe that each piece opens a door to the deeper inner self, building a stronger rapport with the reality by connecting rational and sensual experiences.

A common theme of all our artworks is an abundence of color - sometimes cheerful and sometimes overwhelmng.

Tetiana and Marie are self-taught artists. They met in Sydney in 2017. Their works are part of private collections in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Tetiana is focusing on abstract painting. She finds inspiration in everything from landscapes to human dilemmas, expressing in the dynamic flow of colors.

Marie is passionate about structure, balancing the contrast and the depth of colors. The resulting work is a playful illustration of joy making the world a less serious place.

Event starts
Tuesday 8 January, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 13 January, 2019
ARO Gallery
Venue Address
51 William Street, Darlinghurst


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