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East Coast Matters - Art and Culture from Urban and Regional Aboriginal Communities

Celebrating the opening of our new gallery extension, East Coast Matters is an exhibition of works by gifted Aboriginal artists from urban and regional areas of eastern Australia. Artists hailing from areas other than remote Australia are too often ignored due to art lovers' fixation with art from the desert regions. The stunning works from the artists featured challenge us to broaden our perspectives. East coast art really does matter.

In many cases, coastal Aboriginal people lost contact with their culture.  However, a new pride has emerged in being Aboriginal with many Indigenous people actively seeking out more information about their heritage.  In the words of artist Goompi Ugerabah:

“Culture is who we are and it always has been since life began. Though it’s been lying dormant inside many indigenous people for a period of time, it only takes us to reconnect to our past to find our true identity.  Our spirits are awoken again by that reconnection”.

 This exhibition is another step in the reawakening of the culture and the connection to country of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Celebrate this re-emergence with us.

Event starts
Saturday 16 May, 2020
Event ends
Sunday 21 June, 2020
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