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Exhibition Dates: 11 - 29 November 2020

Open Hours:
10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday

Kilns and incinerators have much in common: intense heat is required to both create and break down material.  What results? Ash, cinders, beauty and detritus, and the inevitable wear and tear, ageing and reinvention of all industrial hardware. Kaukomaa’s work references boilers, pipes, concrete, bricks, machinery, fragments, rust and the effects of time in complex sculptural assemblages which enhance the pieces’ utility and beauty. Smith’s elegant functional forms highlight the textured surfaces weathered by embers and cinders. These forms are a visual reminder that the process of ceramic creation is a complex interplay of heat, artistic eye and serendipity.

Image: Marjatta Kaukomaa, Large Pot with Logo, 2020, ceramic, stains and paint

Event starts
Tuesday 17 November, 2020
Event ends
Sunday 29 November, 2020
Incinerator Art Space
Venue Address
2 Small Street, Willoughby 2068

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