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Valuation Day at Penrith Regional Gallery

Do you have a hidden treasure in your collection? Not sure what it’s worth? Not sure how to take care of it? Come and find out with this special free Valuation Day on Sunday 5 April from 2pm.

Bring a work you can carry and a team of experts led by Merryn Schriever, Director, Bonhams Australia, and valuer of Australian art will provide free conservation and valuation advice for a diverse range of works of art including paintings, prints (works on paper), Chinese art and jewellery.


How many artworks and what types of artworks can I bring?
The appraiser will allow approximately 15 minutes per person, which is enough for 1-3 artworks. Artworks could include paintings, prints and jewellery.

Do I need to supply the original artwork for the advice day?
Yes, we recommend that you bring along your 1-3 artworks on the day. Please ensure it is securely wrapped or packaged so as to protect it whilst you are visiting us. If it is not possible to bring your artwork on the day, due to the size or fragility, please do take a good quality photo of it and make sure you include any key details such as a signature of the artist, a photo of the back of the artwork, or a receipt of purchase, etc.

Will the appraiser provide me with a written valuation?
The advice you receive on this day will be verbal only, and should be considered a preliminary valuation. It’s a great opportunity to gauge the approximate value of your artworks and to assess the necessity of a written valuation, which is more costly. The appraiser is certified to provide written valuations and you are welcome to enquire with them directly for advice on how to arrange one.

Can more than one person such as a friend or partner participate in the advice day?

Valuation Day at Penrith Regional Gallery
Sunday 5 April from 2pm 

Event starts
Sunday 5 April, 2020
Event ends
Sunday 5 April, 2020
Penrith Regional Gallery
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86 River Road

Sydney , Emu Plains

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