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'Forms of Being Together' is an online companion program to the major exhibition 'Friendship as a Way of Life'. The program provides an opportunity to expand the exhibition and consider trajectories of queer kinship — platonic, romantic, sexual and otherwise — in contemporary art and popular culture. Each week, new content is uploaded and streamed on our website and Instagram, offering a range of live events and ephemera.

ALOK: Friendship is Romance
ALOK reads their poem about friendship and practicing intimacies that challenge the value of romantic love above all other affiliations.

Ella Sutherland's collaborative work takes the form of a decorative display font, comprising found letterforms collected by 26 contributors connected to Sutherland's queer landscape.

1988 – 2020: From Wicked Women to Club Kooky
DJ Gemma tracks Sydney’s underground lesbian and queer dance scene, remembering the nights, people and music.

Mother Inferior: Exorcism for Healing the World
Mother Inferior from the Sisters of The Order of Perpetual Indulgence Sydney offers an exorcism and blessing for healing the world.

Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt Project
Curator Anni Turnball discusses the Australian collection held at the Powerhouse Museum – Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

DJ Gemma & Kelly Doley
DJ Gemma discusses the evolution of Sydney's underground queer dance scene: from Wicked Women nights in the late 1980s to the Sex and Subculture parties of the 1990s and the institution that is Club Kooky.

Holly Bates & Tay Haggarty
Collaborative duo Parallel Park interview each other and discuss the ways intimacy, tension, care and the everyday play out in their practice.

Ella Sutherland & Sarah Rodigari
Ella Sutherland and Sarah Rodigari discuss relationships between printed matter and queer histories, and Sutherland's works responding to the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.

Nick Henderson & Kelly Doley
Nick Henderson, Committee Member of the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) discusses the ALGA collection and the role of archives in preserving LGBTQI+ history.

Nikos Pantazopoulos & Madé Spencer-Castle
Nikos Pantazopoulos reflects on the public dimension of private experience with curator and friend Madé Spencer-Castle.

Frances Barrett & Kelly Doley
Frances Barrett talks with long-time collaborator Kelly Doley about friendship, collaborative networks, co-authorship, and queer support structures.

Helen Grace & José Da Silva
Helen Grace reflects on her extensive photographic archive, tracking life at the radical, women-only community, Amazon Acres.

Dani Marti & José Da Silva
Dani Marti discusses his major video installation Notes For Bob (2012–16), and navigating issues of power and care in relationships.
Register 5.30pm 3 September

Macon Reed & Jade Muratore
Macon Reed discusses their work Eulogy for the Dyke Bar, an immersive installation that revisits the legacy of lesbian and dyke bars.
Available online 23 October

This series of illustrated talks explores LGBTQI+ gatherings in Australia from different social and historical perspectives.

Timothy Roberts
Leather historian Timothy Roberts discusses the politics, culture and histories of motor and leather clubs in Australia.

Dr Kerryn Drysdale & Dr Sophie Robinson – Part One
Dr Kerryn Drysdale & Dr Sophie Robinson discuss the rise, decline and transformation of lesbian and queer social spaces.
Register 5.30pm 17 September

Dr Kerryn Drysdale & Dr Sophie Robinson – Part Two
Drysdale & Robinson consider what led to the downfall of lesbian spaces as well as the productive role of trans and gender diversity within communities.
Register 5.30pm 24 September

Paul Byron on Social Media as Queerspace
Digital media scholar Paul Byron talks Tumblr, TikTok and more, discussing how queer digital spaces are made and remade through friendship and peer support.
Register 5.30pm 1 October

DJ Sezzo
Advocating for the importance of QPOC (Queer People of Colour) party spaces, DJ Sezzo reflects on her experiential club nights in the context of contemporary expressions of culture and identity.
Register 5.30pm 15 October 

Event starts
Saturday 15 August, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 21 November, 2020
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