1.5 Degrees | Presented by Art Aviso

The whirlwind of data and opinion surrounding climate change can be overwhelming; how do we form something meaningful and informative out of all of the figures, news, opinions and anxiety surrounding this topic?

Art connects us to the problem in a felt way, it encourages engagement, deep thinking, problem-solving and questioning.   The title of this exhibition (1.5 Degrees) comes from the challenge of the global community to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees (above pre-industrial levels). It is about the science of climate change, communicated in diverse and intriguing ways.   Art Aviso in collaboration with fortyfivedownstairs present 1.5 Degrees in February 2020 as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2020, featuring the work of:

Ali Griffin, Thao Nguyen, Helene Boyer, James Mcgrath, Emanuel (Mr.E) Sammartano, Joel Wolter, Stephen Pleban, Karen Standke, Heather Matthew, Roma McLaughlin, Linda Judge, Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Russell Curr, Julian Di Martino, Ash Coates, Lana de Jager, Di Diddle

With special guest collaborators: Skunk Control

Event starts
Tuesday 18 February, 2020
Event ends
Saturday 29 February, 2020
Venue Address
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Melbourne ,

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