Complex Life | Catherine Hearse & Glenn Murray

Complex Life brings together the work of two friends and artists, Catherine Hearse and Glenn Murray. Both artists use their artistic processes to explore the idea of interdependence and their positions in the world, in a physical, environmental and emotional sense.

“Through my work I attempt to evoke a sense of oneness with the natural world, something that is lost in urban life wherein undomesticated animals are seen as invaders, and we rarely touch other life forms except to eat them. My works share concerns about our relationship with the biosphere, whether destructive, enthralled or compassionate. We are united by our interdependence and similarities, so many of the pieces are human/plant or human/animal composites.” – Catherine Hearse

“My primary starting point is that of interdependence. A place where whether we realise it, or not everything, is interconnected and no one element can operate in isolation. It is like a web of connectivity.

As humans it is a constant balancing act to maintain our position and we are constantly prone to over-reach. In my work I try to make sense of my own balance and connectivity with the physical world and with the emotions that accompany this process.” – Glenn Murray

Catherine Hearse is known for her exquisite watercolours and for her extraordinary small sculptures that explore what it is to be a woman, a plant, a creature of the sea – or all three at once.  The fine crochet and wood sculptures she creates are personages of astonishing delicacy of expression. Hearse’s work is influenced by a great many things.  Of great importance are textiles. She has studied the Suzani fabric from Uzbekistan, old European embroideries from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and chintz from India.

Glen Murray’s work is increasingly the product of trying explore and understand his relationships to the world around him. This is done primarily using construction, addition and subtraction, with mainly discarded materials as they come loaded with history and associations which can be the catalyst for their new life. Timber has become his material of choice due to its organic qualities that he found lacking in metal as a medium. Interest in so called ‘outsider’ art and Buddhist philosophy inspires Murray to first explore thoughts and simple relationships.

Event starts
Tuesday 4 June, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 15 June, 2019
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45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000


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