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CONNECTIVITY - Photographic Exhibition - MELISA SAVICKAS

Artist Statement


Melisa Savickas

4 November 2019 - 27 January 2020

Artist’s Statement

The occupied mind has many thoughts to process and act upon. The stimulus of technology and the digital world moves our gaze from the simple and natural, to the over stimulating and attention seeking. We often overlook the simple beauty found around us all.

Macro photography forces us to look at the world more slowly, from a point of view that is much closer in. I use this technique to reveal the minute details in the natural world. Combining these alongside images of the land and sky reveals a new type of quiet but detailed landscape. I use digital processing techniques to emulate old-school black and white hand-printed photographs and layer these with images of subtle colour to enhance the textures.

It is my intention to engage the viewer and provide a sense of quietude.



Event starts
Saturday 4 January, 2020
Event ends
Monday 27 January, 2020
Montsalvat - The Boulevard
Venue Address
7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham 3095

Melbourne ,

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