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Improvements & Reproductions

Improvements & Reproductions are two exhibitions in parallel, which collectively and separately investigate the conditions under which art is produced.


Occurring at a cultural moment in which the slow violence of gentrification continues to displace communities, and Audre Lorde’s weaponisation of self-care is diluted into individualistic self-betterment, the exhibition considers the cost of improvements, whilst also asking: how can we be better?

The artists exhibiting in Improvements include Rafaella McDonald, Mark Smith, Georgia Robenstone, this mob, Katie West, Ilana Harris-Babou.
Curated by West Space.


In planning this exhibition we began with a question: what reproduces the conditions for an artist’s work? We might think of this broadly: a community, a “scene”, cultural relationships and identities, state policies, economic and social determinations (the wage and the unwaged labour in its shadow, class privilege and lack thereof), the past and present of colonial effects (as well as the refusal of and resistance against them), an environment (in the micro and the macro sense of the word), and habits of seeing, perceiving, and therefore producing. Or we might think of it more intimately: food, money, rest, friends, work… These lists are far from exhaustive. 

We began with this seemingly innocuous question, which, it turns out, can’t simply be answered by works of art. But what we can say is that it’s not the role this exhibition to provide answers, rather, what we can observe is that artworks themselves raise another and very old question: what is the ability of the work of art to reflect the conditions in which it is made? Or said another way: what does it reproduce

The artists exhibiting in Reproductions include Isadora Vaughan, Josey Kidd-Crowe, Meow TV (Carmen Sibha Keiso with Meow), Lorraine Connelley-Northey, Spencer Lai, William Yang.
Curated by Nicholas Tammens (1856)

Event starts
Tuesday 14 July, 2020
Event ends
Tuesday 25 August, 2020
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