A playful encounter with the Kyneton Museum collection, engaging with history and its gaps, as part performance, part exhibition. Created by cross disciplinary artists and Metanoia Theatre, the work is an immersive choose-your-own journey through collective possibilities.

Internationally acclaimed local visual artist, Desmond Lazaro re-curates the existing collection to immerse audiences in an exploration of our past, present and future.
Artists; Maddi Moser, Alexandra Harrison, Janette Hoe, Israel Aloni, Greg Ulfan, Sermsah bin Saad, Yogashree Thirunavukarasu, Kirri Buchler are directed by Görkem Acaroğlu and perform across the Museum, in both indoor and outdoor locations. Audiences are free to roam the performance spaces, led only by their curiosity.

Museum UNDONE asks us to consider what the impact of the past is on the present? What are the stories we tell about ourselves? How do we want to be remembered in the future when we are history?

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Image 1. Foreground: Desmond Lazaro, Alexandra Harrison. Background: Shane Grant, 2021. Photographer Lakshal Perera
Image 2. Kirri Buchler, 2021. Photographer Lakshal Perera
Image 3. Alexandra Harrison, Shane Grant, 2021. Photographer Lakshal Perera

Event starts
Friday 4 June, 2021
Event ends
Sunday 27 June, 2021
Kyneton Museum
Venue Address
67 Piper Street

Victoria ,

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