The Look

Geelong Gallery is pleased to present a powerful new exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery, The Look. As the first venue on the national tour, and the only Victorian destination, Geelong Gallery will host the exhibition consisting of 68 portraits that provide a comprehensive line-up of identities and styles.

The Look is a visually stunning photographic exhibition showcasing striking portraits curated from the National Portrait Gallery's collection of works. 

The exhibition features subjects from all alks of australian life; young, old; Indigenous, non- Indigenous; women and men; household names and people who may be completely unknown to many of us.

National Portrait Gallery (NPG) Curator, Joanna Gilmour explains that The Look highlights some of the most striking contemporary photographic portraits in the NPG collection. 

'Often our collection-based exhibitions are focused on a specific thing- a specific artist, mediu,, time-frame, historical them or profession, for example. The guiding curatial principle for The Look has been to celebrate a diverse group of sitters who are united in owning and rocking their distinct 'Look'.'

'It's a way that we can spill a guilty secret: that potraiture can be perky, sexy, sly, wry, honest, contemplative or relaxed; and that sometimes it's perfectly fint to admire a portrait not just because the subject is compelling, inspirational or distinguished, but simply because they exude their own unique style. We also take pride in being able to dismantle the misconception that portraiture is all about crusty old oil painting of dead white males.'

Famous faces in the exhibition include; Nicole Kidman, Heath Ledger, Carla Zampatti, Bryan Brown, Lee Lin Chin, Megal Gale, Cate Blanchett, Rachel Griffiths, Ian Thorpe and Layne Beachley just to name a few.

Event starts
Saturday 7 March, 2020
Event ends
Sunday 3 May, 2020
Geelong Gallery
Venue Address
55 Little Malop Street

Victoria , Geelong