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WHY2K by Hannah Brontë

Wherever people rise up, words fly too.

The banner is an almost universal medium, but its meaning spans the breadth of humanity. A pledge of allegiance or cry of protest, expression of outrage or call for compassion, these slates are never blank. Hannah Brontë grew up beneath banners, at rallies, protests and stand-ins, and was captured by the immediacy of their messages and the magical playfulness of their language.

With WHY2K she harnesses the potency of the banner to gauge its usefulness in contemporary life. What do these slogans and placards mean in a world where URL life bleeds into real life, and attention is an economic concern?

Hannah Brontë (Wakka Wakka/Yaegl) is a visual artist based in Brisbane who has rapidly built a reputation for urgent and powerful work that leaps media divides from video to installation to dance club. Her work centres on resilience, matriarchal futures and challenging societal structures, and with WHY2K she flies these flags for all to see.

Event starts
Wednesday 10 July, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 13 July, 2019
Arts House
Venue Address
521 Queensberry Street

Victoria, , North Melbourne